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Would Your Company Survive A Ransomware Attack?

Stay Aware, Stay Safe

 Ransomware attacks — it can happen to literally anyone. Well, anyone who isn’t working with an IT consultant or IT security firm that works with you to assure your company is protected from this type of insidious Internet attack.
Ask yourself these Internet security questions about your company:
  • What is your post-attack plan company-wide?
  • Does your cybersecurity insurance policy cover the cost of being down for more than a week?
  • Has your post-attack plan been tested this year?

Protection against a ransomware attack is something your IT team should be working on today!

Would Your Company Survive A Ransomware Attack?

According to an article on ZDNet, a German manufacturer’s business is still shut down following a ransomware attack that occurred on October 13 (ten days ago, as of this article). That long of a shut down could cripple a company to the point of not being able to recover. If your company relies on its website — and what company today doesn’t? — could you survive a ransomware attack?

“Since Sunday, October 13, 2019, all servers and PC workstations, including the company’s communication, have been affected worldwide,” the Germany-based company wrote on its website. As a precaution, the company has removed all computer systems from the network and blocked access to the corporate network.”

Read the entire ZDNet article on the ransomware attack here.

If you’re worried that your home, legal or healthcare firm has been compromised because of smart devices, give us a call or send us an email. We can help you put cybersecurity measures in place to protect your organization’s private, secure information.

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