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The Need For Two-Factor Authentication

Stay Aware, Stay Safe

Hackers are cracking passwords and infiltrating firewalls and taking over computers at an alarming rate. One way a business or an individual can add an additional layer of cybersecurity protection is by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA).

Is it an annoyance to always have to have that second layer of protection before logging into your accounts? Perhaps, but imagine how much trouble, time and money you could lose if your business suffered ransomware or cyber attack? Some businesses never recover.

As an IT and Cyber Security Consulting firm that focuses on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) we know it’s easier to put security measures in place than it is to rebuild your security infrastructure.

An article on 2FA on Security Boulevard broke down the need for and the types of two-factor or even multi-factor authentication businesses and individuals should consider. When we talk with our clients about additional layers of security we explain that factors that are taken into consideration when setting up your 2FA include:

  1. Biometrics — fingerprint, facial recognition or voice recognition
  2. Using your mobile phone, a bank card or a physical token to authenticate log in credentials
  3. Using a personal identification number (PIN), security question or password

Any of these, or a combination of any of these, can be used as part of your 2FA protocols.

What can you use to get started on 2FA practices? When you log in to an account or set up a new bank login or another online login, if there is an option for two-factor authentication, you will likely be given one of these options:

  1. Email code
  2. Push notification
  3. Text message with a code
  4. A physical security key in the form of a USB or NFC (near-field communication) device
  5. An authenticator app

Are you using two-factor authentication? When you think about it, is the few seconds of additional security measures worth letting your accounts be vulnerable to an attack? If you need help with 2FA, let me know.

I run an IT & Cyber Security Consultancy focusing on Business ContinuityDisaster Recovery (BCDR). We work professionals in many fields including legal and medical. If you have security and business continuity and cyber security questions let me know. I am also filling up my calendar with guests on my Security Disciple Podcast. If you’d like to be a guest, please DM me @waregeeks, call (877) 653-7146, or email me

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