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Stay Aware, Stay Safe

BCDRs Assist In Crisis Management

In the first part of this series, we wrote about how law firms, accounting, and medical practices can help recover from a disaster by following their crisis management plan. In this article, we share how BCDRs assist in crisis management because it helps a business owner be proactive. The business continuity and disaster recovery plan…
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What Is CyberSecurity?

There is so much talk swirling around cybersecurity. Companies and individuals need to protect themselves and have practices and technologies in place to prevent a cyberattack. Do you, or the members of your team, understand cybersecurity? When we work with our clients, we explain what cybersecurity is, how to protect against it and what measures…
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Windows 7 Support Is Going Away: Are You Prepared?

Microsoft is pulling the plug on support for it Windows 7 operating systems. This is not new news. Microsoft has been upfront about the upcoming changes and it has been urging users to upgrade and update their systems. There are still those holdouts, and we aren’t sure what they are waiting for because it doesn’t…
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