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Stay Aware, Stay Safe

The Difference Between Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery For Law Firms

Research in the UK by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DSMC) discovered that “32% of UK businesses have faced a cyberattack or data breach in the past year.” What does this mean for your law firm or healthcare organization? Law firms need to be prepared for a cyberattack or a natural disaster.…
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Change Your Legal Teams’ Mindset About CyberSecurity

In many law firms and healthcare organizations, staff and even company principles, believe the steps necessary to enhance cybersecurity and protect customer data and legal documents are more of a “nuisance” than a necessity. As the head of your law firm, you need to change that mindset. Your staff may not realize it, but a…
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Why Your Law Firm Isn’t Safe From A Cyber Attack

Cyber Attacks Against Law Firms: Did you know – One of the best ways to protect your law firm from a cyber attack is to have: strong passwords, be up-to-date on antivirus software and all patches and to have implemented best practices for your small to medium-sized business? More than 60% of all data breaches…
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New Technologies Lead To New Cybersecurity Crimes

As our hunger for newer, faster and better technologies sometimes coupled with our lack of knowledge on the cyber vulnerabilities these devices and technology bring with it, lead to more people falling prey to cybersecurity attacks and digital scams. Vineet Kumar, founder of the Cyber Peace Foundation was quoted in the Declan Herald as saying…
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How Much Do Cyberattacks Cost Small Business Owners?

If you haven’t stopped to ask yourself how much a cyberattack would cost your small business you need to. It’s estimated that a cyberattack will cost a small business owner $200,000. Would your business survive that cost and the recovery from a cyber attack? Many won’t. Do you think that your business is “too small”…
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The Need For Two-Factor Authentication

Hackers are cracking passwords and infiltrating firewalls and taking over computers at an alarming rate. One way a business or an individual can add an additional layer of cybersecurity protection is by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA). Is it an annoyance to always have to have that second layer of protection before logging into your accounts?…
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Is Your Doorbell Opening You Up To Hackers?

Ring doorbells and other wifi remote-enabled doorbells are popping up in more and more homes. Yes, it is ideal that you can monitor the ringing of your doorbell when you’re not home. You can see if a package has been delivered and you can also keep a virtual eye on the package and warn off…
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Don’t Turn Your Computer On After A Ransomware Attack

Your computer or your server has been taken over by ransomware and you’ve decided to “pay the ransom” in order to regain control of your computer. After you’ve done that and you now have control over your computer and can see your site and your server again, you’re in the clear, right? Not so fast.…
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