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Stay Aware, Stay Safe

7 Ways To Safeguard Company Passwords

Coronavirus has opened the virtual doors to cyberattacks and hackers are becoming increasingly bolder with their attacks. Don’t let COVID-19 work-from-home set-ups compromise data security and invite a cyberattack. We offer 7 ways to safeguard company passwords, at a minimum. Law firms and accounting practice technology teams are being pushed to its limits with the…
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How To Draft A Business Continuity Plan For Your Firm

At its most basic a business continuity plan will “outline the instructions and procedures your law firm needs to follow when faced with a disaster (flood, cyberattack, fire or coronavirus pandemic).” This proactively initiated and implemented plan gives your business its strongest chance of surviving the disaster. It’s rare that a business or individual gets…
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How Your Law Firm Can Maintain Business Continuity During The COVID-19 Outbreak

There are very few businesses that are not being negatively impacted by the COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak. Businesses across the country, and around the globe are having to pivot and find not only new ways in which to remain solvent, but new ways in which to maintain business continuity. Proactive business owners were more well-prepared for this…
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How To Protect Your Business From A Ransomware Attack

A recent report uncovered startling trends in ransomware attack 2020: The frequency with which they occur The markets most heavily targeted and Its impacts on a business. In our work with clients to prepare business continuity and disaster recovery plans, we know the first line of defense is a good offense. We also know human…
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New Technologies Lead To New Cybersecurity Crimes

As our hunger for newer, faster and better technologies sometimes coupled with our lack of knowledge on the cyber vulnerabilities these devices and technology bring with it, lead to more people falling prey to cybersecurity attacks and digital scams. Vineet Kumar, founder of the Cyber Peace Foundation was quoted in the Declan Herald as saying…
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