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Is Your Doorbell Opening You Up To Hackers?

Stay Aware, Stay Safe

Ring doorbells and other wifi remote-enabled doorbells are popping up in more and more homes. Yes, it is ideal that you can monitor the ringing of your doorbell when you’re not home. You can see if a package has been delivered and you can also keep a virtual eye on the package and warn off thieves. Have you ever wondered though, “is your doorbell opening you up to hackers?” Not many people do. The doorbell manufacturers certainly aren’t going to tout any potential for a security breach, but it is threat you need to be aware of.

A recent article in Tech Crunch explained the potential for security breaches and gave insight into how to protect yourself, your personal data and your wifi from being hacked because you want to have this piece of home security.

Is Your Doorbell Opening You Up To Hackers?

If you want to have one of these devices, it may make sense, BUT you need to have any external security device set up as guest wifi on your router. Most new routers provide a guest wifi feature, that allows you to create a wifi network that is separate from your home network. To protect your home computers from being hacked you need to isolate the doorbell on a network separate from your home wifi network.

Using a Ring, or other wifi doorbell, may make you and your deliveries safer, but if you don’t set it up correctly, you should stick with an old-fashioned doorbell and keep your computer and home safe from hackers.

Contact an IT consultant if you need assistance with setting up a guest wifi network for your Ring or other external security device doorbell.

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