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How Will Cybersecurity Impact Your Small Business?

Stay Aware, Stay Safe

If you believe you or your business could never be impacted by a cybersecurity breach or ransomware attack, please think again. Any business, of any size, or individuals, can be the victim of a cyber-attack or to a hacker hijacking your accounts or your website or blog.

Here are ways in which a business owner much re-think his or her business’s security and be more cyber aware. Be proactive. Don’t think “it can’t happen to me…” because it can.

How Will Cybersecurity Impact Your Small Business?

Rethink these mistaken notions about cybersecurity.

  1. My business is too small to be attacked. Wrong. You don’t have to be large or “important” to be attacked by a hacker. If you have an online presence, do on line banking, have a website or if your business has a presence and makes sales online — you could be vulnerable. If you accept payments, offer login accounts to customers, have employees or interact with any kind of transaction online, you could be vulnerable.  Small businesses are, in fact, easier for cybercriminals to attack and hack because of the thinking of “it can’t happen to me.” Small business owners spend their budgets in many areas, but they may not devote enough time to considering their cybersecurity. Don’t fall into that trap.
  2. I have an “IT Guy” it’s his responsibility to make sure we don’t get attacked. Wrong. Cybersecurity is the responsibility of all your employees. If your employees have access to your site and if they have an email address, your business is at risk. All it takes is for one employee to open an email that is a phishing scam and your server and your entire business can be infected with malware. Cybersecurity regulations and best practices should be put in place and by the IT department, but it is up to every person, in every department, to know and understand the risks and to protect the company.
  3. We’re small and don’t have the budget for cybersecurity. Wrong. Do you have the budget to keep your company running if your website is attacked and you can’t access the payment system or log in? What happens if there is a breach and your client’s sensitive information (payment/personal) gets exposed? Can you afford a lawsuit? Can you afford to be out of business while you deal with a ransomware attack? Have you stopped to consider how much it will cost to recover from a cyber attack? There are steps — ranging from inexpensive to costly — to protect your business and the information you may store on your clients and their dealings with you. If you have a plan in place for how you’d operate if you lost electricity if you lost your right-hand employee or other pitfalls your business could be faced with you need to have a strategy to protect your cyber home and a mitigation strategy if you’re hacked.

If you think your clients would “forgive” you if your business suffered a cybersecurity breach and their payment or other information was exposed — think again. Your clients trust you to protect the information they’ve entrusted you with. They may not ask how you’re protecting their information, but they certainly do expect it to be protected.

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