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How To Focus On Computer Security

Stay Aware, Stay Safe

October was #BeCyberSmart Month. November 30 was National Computer Security Day; a day to take time and review your online data and your computer security measures. Every year on November 30, National Computer Security Day is observed to keep online data safe.

As an IT & Cyber Security Consulting firm with an emphasis on business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) I tell my clients all the time, computer security and backup plans need to be ongoing and continually monitored.

As an IT consultant, I appreciate that there is a day set aside for computer security. National Computer Security Day was introduced in 1988 at a time when computers were just beginning to be part of every day life and business. Cyber threats, however, have been around almost as long as computers — however, today’s hackers have gotten just as sophisticated (sometimes more) than the security measures businesses put in place.

How To Focus On Computer Security

If you missed the observation of National Computer Security Day here are some steps you can take today to secure your company data, our own data privacy and check for potential security flaws:

  • Check and change passwords. If you use a password manager like Lastpass or Dashlane it isn’t as big a deal to update passwords frequently. Many password managers show you how strong your passwords are and let you know if you’re reusing passwords for different accounts. Each account should have its own unique password.
  • Check the status of your antivirus software. When did it run last? What potential security red flags were raised? Have you updated and run all security patches?
  • Use encryption for your files and back them up. If you fall victim to a ransomware attack, having a back up will help you recover and keep your business afloat.
  • Test your company’s security measures. See if they can be breached? If you aren’t aware of security holes, you are virtually opening the door to a cyber attack.
  • Talk with all staff and personnel about security measures, changing passwords and potential phishing scams. These conversations should be held regularly and tested frequently.

When is the last time you ran a thorough cybersecurity check?

I run an IT & Cyber Security Consultancy focusing on Business ContinuityDisaster Recovery (BCDR). We work professionals in many fields including legal and medical. If you have security and business continuity and cyber security questions let me know. I am also filling up my calendar with guests on my Security Disciple Podcast. If you’d like to be a guest, please DM me @waregeeks, call (877) 653-7146, or email me

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