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Don’t Turn Your Computer On After A Ransomware Attack

Stay Aware, Stay Safe

Your computer or your server has been taken over by ransomware and you’ve decided to “pay the ransom” in order to regain control of your computer. After you’ve done that and you now have control over your computer and can see your site and your server again, you’re in the clear, right? Not so fast. Don’t turn your computer on after a ransomware attack because you could open yourself up to even more issues than you imagined.

A ransomware attacker may not simply slip away from your life once you’ve paid the ransom. These attackers are hackers who can still infiltrate your information and damage your system with the malware they’ve installed while they had control of your system.

Don’t Turn Your Computer On After A Ransomware Attack

When you reboot your computer and turn it back on, what you’re doing in many cases is allows malware to infect your files. When you reboot, what you’re doing in some cases is loading the malware right back into the computer memory and it can cause ongoing damage.

Unless you know how to isolate the virus and remove it from your computer before you reboot, the malware will continue to grab your personal and private information and continue to infect your data and mine it. Plugging your computer back into the internet once you’ve paid the ransom will also cause the malware that’s been fed into your computer during the ransomware attack to infiltrate the system and send it back to the “mothership” of the hackers.

To protect yourself and your data once the ransomware attack has been addressed you need to hire an IT consultant or security expert who can inspect your computer, isolate the malware and potential viruses and remove them before you turn the computer back on. Restarting your computer from a prior backup may be the best way to assure the data on your computer, following the ransomware attack is free of viruses.

Read a Know Techie article on what to do, and what not to do, after a ransomware attack. Know that the “turn it off then turn it back on” method is not the way to go.

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