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Are Your Servers Safe From A Ransomware Attack?

Stay Aware, Stay Safe

Just when you think your business is safe from a cybersecurity attack, hackers have now developed a new type of ransomware called PureLocker.

In an article on ZDNet it notes: PureLocker ransomware appears to have links to some of the most prolific and active cybercriminal operations. It is considered an unconventional form of ransomware and is being targeted against enterprise servers.

The ransomware has recently been detected through cybersecurity analysts and has been named PureLocker because the ransomware is written in PureBasic programming language. PureLocker is insidious in its attacks because some security vendors are struggle to implement reliable detection methods for software that is being written in PureBasic language. This is a language that is easily transferable between Linux, OS-X and Windows platforms and makes it easier for the hackers to easily target different platforms.

PureLocker attacks enterprise servers with the goal of holding them hostage and will only return control to the owners once a cryptocurrency ransom has been paid. The cost to regain control of the servers sometimes costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Once the ransom has been paid the systems are then decrypted.

The ZDNet article notes, “by targeting servers, the hackers are hitting their victims where it really hurts – especially because company databases that store the company’s most critical information is typically on the enterprise server.

To read the rest of the article about PureLocker go here.

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