About Us

About Us

We are one of the leading Information Technology, Data Protection, BCDR and Cyber Security consulting firms
WareGeeks Solutions is a Roselle, New Jersey based is a full-service IT Solutions and Service Provider of cybersecurity, managed IT services, and Data Protection. We specialize in Data Protection,
specifically Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR). We work with all medium and large companies, but focus on law firms and in the healthcare industry.

Our Mission

WareGeeks Solutions helps organizations transform technology, operations, and service delivery to meet business challenges. We first seek to understand your business needs and then apply our in-depth knowledge of Data Protection, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR), Cyber Security, whether in the cloud or your data center environments, to draft a roadmap for transformation.

Our vision

WareGeeks Solutions provides world-class products and services, in an honest and straightforward manner. WareGeeks Solutions will provide the business community with the forward thinking, cutting edge cyber security and data protection expertise and cost cutting techniques used by Fortune 500 IT departments. We work hard to always do what’s right for each and every client — making sure they get the right services and great value — to help them meet their everyday cyber security needs as well as to achieve their long-term goals. To do well, you have to do right. And doing right by our clients is how we hope to become the leading community-oriented cyber security firm in the region.

Our Mission and Vision are built on Five Core Values


The act of working together toward a common purpose or benefit


The combination of features and traits that form the individual nature of a person or a team


A self-organized network of people who collaborate by sharing ideas and information for the sake of the common good

Commitment :

A pledge, promise or obligation to serve our community


The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness

Meet Our Team

WareGeeks Solution benefits from the skills and expertise of a dedicated team of experts.
We use our in-depth knowledge of advanced technology and industry best practices to your advantage.
Ryan Griffiths
Ryan Griffiths
Director of Media
Director of Media - Ryan serves as the scheduling and traffic manager for all client podcasts and social media posting schedules. Ryan has nearly five years of project management experience. He has successfully supported clients such as Top Score Writing and Jose Flores in this role. Prior to joining this team, Ryan was a Marketing Content Specialist at Keller Williams and a Lead Sales Associate at American Campus Communities boasting more than $1.1 million in personal sales.
Mike Ficara
Mike Ficara
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Operating Officer - Mike focuses on growth and scaling strategies for clients. He has worked in a variety of industries over his career including Classroom Teacher, Technology Specialist, Director of Curriculum and Vice President of Business Development. This vast experience provided the insight into how people learn, leadershi, and most importantly what motivates people to succeed. Through this, he has taken existing businesses and driven them toward massive growth and higher levels of stability through a variety of proven strategies and techniques.
Seth Melendez
Seth Melendez
President – Owner
President – Owner - Seth is responsible for the overall strategic direction and execution of the company. Seth brings more than 22 years of leadership to the table with a broad base of technical engineering, design, operational, consulting, and logistics skills. Seth has worked in IT Solution, cyber security, managed IT services, and data center industries.
Robbi Hess
Robbi Hess
Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager - Robbi is responsible for day-to-day operations of WareGeeks Solutions. She works with Seth and the team to advance projects and provides client support. She has two decades of project management and content creation experience. Robbi has worked as a VA, content creator and project manager in many industries.

Ware Geeks Solutions Mission and Customer Service Philosophy

WareGeeks Solutions and its team provide high-quality Cybersecurity, Business Continuity, Crisis Management, and Disaster Recovery consultation and services in an honest and straightforward manner. Our team operates responsibly and ethically to ensure our clients, employees, stockholders, and communities may prosper and thrive.



Ware Geeks Solutions Vision

WareGeeks Solutions and its team provide world-class cybersecurity and business continuity products and services, in an honest and straightforward manner. WareGeeks Solutions and its team provides the business community with forward-thinking, cutting edge cyber security, data protection, business continuity and crisis management
expertise. We save our clients time and money and provide something money can’t buy: Peace of mind. We have shared our skills and expertise and provided services used by Fortune 500 companies and their IT departments.
We strive to always do what’s right for each and every client and meet them where they are and provide services for their unique needs. WareGeeks Solutions and its team ensures each company receives the proper services in a cost-effective way — to help them meet their company’s cyber security needs. Our services also help companies achieve their long-term goals and protect its most important business asset – Company Data.
To do well, you have to do right; doing right by our clients is how we will become the leading community-oriented cyber security and business continuity provider in the region.