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Stay Aware, Stay Safe

Cyberhackers Benefiting During COVID-19

Entrepreneurs have been focused on holding their businesses together, facing office shutdowns, setting up a remote workforce and likely facing lower-than-planned for quarterly income during the COVID-19 crisis. In the meantime, though cyberhackers have been having a field day. Cyberhackers benefiting during COVID-19 because of the quick shift from in-office to remote workers. Cybercriminals and…
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How To Avoid Crisis Management Plan Mistakes

When your law firm and its partners and IT team worked on the firm’s crisis management plan, also known as a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) is the go-to when disaster strikes. Disaster can come in the form of fire, flood, vandalism or something like #coronavirus. How to avoid crisis management plan mistakes —…
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Are you preparing for post-COVID-19 Business Continuity Planning?

Law firm, accounting practices, and healthcare office staff we work with are tired of hearing about COVID-19. The impacts coronavirus has had, and continues to have on businesses need to be addressed especially as the country “opens up.”Your company’s post-COVID-19 business continuity planning success depends on the steps you’re taking now. The coronavirus is not…
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