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Stay Aware, Stay Safe

How To Avoid Crisis Management Plan Mistakes

When your law firm and its partners and IT team worked on the firm’s crisis management plan, also known as a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) is the go-to when disaster strikes. Disaster can come in the form of fire, flood, vandalism or something like #coronavirus. How to avoid crisis management plan mistakes —…
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Are you preparing for post-COVID-19 Business Continuity Planning?

Law firm, accounting practices, and healthcare office staff we work with are tired of hearing about COVID-19. The impacts coronavirus has had, and continues to have on businesses need to be addressed especially as the country “opens up.”Your company’s post-COVID-19 business continuity planning success depends on the steps you’re taking now. The coronavirus is not…
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How Law Firms And Accounting Practices Can Plan For A Crisis

There are emergencies business owners can plan for and others cannot be planned for but will critically impact a business and its long-term viability. We have put together this information on how law firms and accounting practices can plan for a crisis is crucial for recovery following a disaster is our focus. Law practices, accounting…
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Why It’s Time To Rebuild Your Business Continuity Plan

You may not think this is the right time to think about rebuilding your law firm’s business continuity plan, but there is no time like the present. Why every business needs a business continuity (BC) plan Your company’s business continuity plan is the document that your company principles would have referred to during the COVID-19…
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How To Draft A Business Continuity Plan For Your Firm

At its most basic a business continuity plan will “outline the instructions and procedures your law firm needs to follow when faced with a disaster (flood, cyberattack, fire or coronavirus pandemic).” This proactively initiated and implemented plan gives your business its strongest chance of surviving the disaster. It’s rare that a business or individual gets…
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Coronavirus Leads To Increase In Remote Workforce & Increased Potential For Data Breaches

Coronavirus is leading to thousands of workers staying home and work remotely. If you’re doing this, is your company’s data protected? The IT consultants from WareGeeks Solutions sees this as a trend. WareGeeks Solutions’ owner, Seth Melendez says, “For many, the infrastructure is not there for the remote workforce and cybersecurity protocols are low to…
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How To Protect Your Law Firm From A Ransomware Attack

Law firms can fall victim to a ransomware attack just as any other small to medium-sized business can. Ransomware attacks — it can happen to literally anyone. If you’re not working with a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) specialist your firm and its sensitive client data could be at risk of a ransomware attack.…
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Is Your Company In Compliance With California’s New Consumer Privacy Regulations?

As we started off the new year, the California Consumer Privacy Act was getting underway. The Act, at its most basic, is a way to offer protection to consumers. It lets the consumer know what information will and will not be sold and to whom and offers the consumer the ability to opt-out of having…
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How Much Do Cyberattacks Cost Small Business Owners?

If you haven’t stopped to ask yourself how much a cyberattack would cost your small business you need to. It’s estimated that a cyberattack will cost a small business owner $200,000. Would your business survive that cost and the recovery from a cyber attack? Many won’t. Do you think that your business is “too small”…
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